Search 16329 ads in Pakistan fast growing Free classified site
Search 16329 ads in Pakistan fast growing Free classified site
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      Help and Safety Tips

      At iPOST we take buyer and seller saftey and security very seriously.


      Here are few tips for buyers and sellers


      Buyer & Seller Safty Tips

      Follow these simple steps for a safe and successful buying and selling experience:
      Use the 'See Message & Reply' button in your email for your safety and privacy. Don't reply to ads with email addresses in the ad or pictures, some scammers have put the contact details in the wrong place, to try and avoid being blocked from iPOST Pakistan.  Always use iPOST Anonymised email. 
      Meet up to see the item in person. Make sure you are completely happy with the item before handing over any money.  Although we do not recommend paying for an item you haven't seen, if you are planning to do this, please use a secure payment method.
      Never send items upfront in advance of receiving payment.  If you are using a secure payment method, always check that the credit amount is showing as cleared funds on your balance. 
      For your personal safety, meet in a ‘lighted’ public place and always take someone with you, or at least tell a friend where you’re going. 
      Never carry large sums of money with you. If you’re looking to buy something expensive, we recommend that you meet with the seller to view the item first. If you are happy to proceed with the purchase, either go to the bank with the seller or arrange to meet somewhere safe to pay. 
      When selling TICKETS, do not post photos of the barcode of your ticket online. Fraudsters use photos of the barcodes online to clone the tickets. If your ticket is cloned the other ticket-holder can enter the event instead of you and your ticket will be invalid.
      Be aware of our warning signs of top scams, and if in doubt about a seller either contact us for advice or report the ad to us by clicking on the 'report ad' button and stop correspondence with them and find another buyer / seller on iPOST Pakistan.
      Listen to your intuition. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
      Do your homework on companies.  If you are purchasing goods or services from registered companies, please make sure you check the registered status before handing over any monies.
      When meeting up on iPOST Pakistan it is important to be safe so we’ve listed a few tips below.
      -  If someone is coming to your home please make sure you have a partner, friend or family member with you.
      -  If you are meeting up, please make sure it is in a well-lit, public place and take someone with you.
      -  If you are meeting the buyer alone, keep your phone with you and let someone know where you’re going.
      -  Don't carry large sums of cash - instead agree a price in person and then find the nearest safest place to get and provide the money.
      -  Always ask questions when discussing the item/service.  This is perfectly normal and ensures that everyone is treated fairly.
      The rules mentioned hereunder are applicable to all adverts in all categories.

      Reasons why we may place your advert into ‘Pending Mode’:
      - There is a phone number in the advert title or description
      - There is an e-mail address in the advert title or description
      - A photograph has contact details in it
      - There is a URL link in the advert title or description
      Keep It Local:
      - Post on the Gumtree Site that is geographically closest to you.
      - Use your own location for your advert. This will show buyers where they need to travel to pick up their item.
      Post in Relevant Categories:
      - Post in the sub-category that most closely matches your advert.
      - Being accurate with your category will help you get more views and more exposure.
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      iPost - Your free classified AD - Post unlimited Ads - No Registration required